Dr. Bhagwan S. Thakur

  • Address Info :
    Apple Hospital, Indore


MD in Internal Medicine
Post-doctoral DM in Gastroenterology

Dr. Bhagwan S Thakur is a Consultant Gastroenterologist, practicing at the Cosmos Gastro Care and Path Lab. He is also a consultant at Greater Kailash Hospital and Apple Hospital, Indore.

Awards & Achievements:

  1. Fellowship in endoscopic ultrasound techniques from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.
  2. Associate / Assistant Professor at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences, Indore.
  3. Associated with the GK Digestive Diseases and Endoscopy Centre.
  4. Did a short stint at the Bahrain Specialist Hospital as Specialist Gastroenterologist.
  5. Completed over 10,000 diagnostic UGI endoscopies, 8,000 colonoscopies, and 1,000 endoscopic hemostasis and esophageal dilatation procedures.
  6. Performed over 2,000 diagnostic/therapeutic ERCPs and more than 800 endoscopic ultrasound procedures.
  7. Involved in the training of medical students of internal medicine.
  8. Delivered many lectures on various gastroenterological topics for general practitioners and physicians.
  9. Extensively involved in research projects and clinical trials.
  10. Contributed several articles and papers to peer-reviewed journals.
Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) 100%
Therapeutic endoscopy 100%
ERCP 100%
Chronic liver diseases 100%
Management of upper and lower GI bleeding 100%
Ascites 100%
Hepatic Encephalopathy 100%
Acute Pancreatitis 100%
Acute and chronic liver failure 100%
Upper and lower GI cancers 100%
Functional bowel/acid peptic disorders 100%
Hepato-biliary and pancreatic malignancies 100%
Chronic diarrheal illnesses 100%
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